Is your jewellery box ready for the winter?

All you magpies out there will be praising the gods for the prevalent themes to hit the autumn/winter 17-catwalk shows.  One of the more striking themes used was the use of inordinate jewellery.  With every model we were captivated by the boundless array of glimmering and wearable art.  What better way to brighten up the darkening nights and contrast those autumnal colours than to add a bit of sparkle and shine.

Thankfully unlike previous years, jewellery was out in force.  Usually an after thought to the designer’s elaborate designs, the jewellery was used as a key component of the outfit and in our opinion rightly so.  So much of today’s jewellery are fashion pieces in themselves with designers commissioning jewellers to construct these show stopping pieces.

Four of the most notable trends from A/W 17 shows was the use of enormous earrings, high necklace’s, vintage inspired pieces and hoops.  As an excuse to add to your jewellery box, we have highlighted and showcased some of our own amazing brands and designer pieces so you can shop and follow the trends for A/W17.

Enormous Earrings

Its no surprise that earrings were shown on most models this season.  The style varied from designer to designer, asymmetry the key look for designer Elie Saab, where mismatched earrings were on show.  Contrasting colours from Balenciaga were all the rage for their runway.  Heavy embellishment, estate style jewels with flashes of colour, long tassels or feathers were the most stand out, predominantly in the Celine collections.


High Necklaces

Harking back to the 90’s inspired black fabric or leather chokers.  This favourite trend of most of our youths has bounced back.  The choker was adapted in mostly every show it appeared in, with each designer taking a different approach.  Dior opted for the embellished look, with diamonds and pearls where Junya Watanabe went for the punk rock inspired, using leather and studs.


Vintage inspired

One of our favourites to be included was the use of jewellery inspired by the eras gone by.  You got it, the use of oversized clip on earrings, pearl necklaces, brooches (shrieks with excitement) all harking back to the 1950’s style.  Brooches mimicking old-fashioned elaborate designs with a modern twist were pinned to lapels, skirts and hats were a big hit for the fashion designer Miu Miu.  Not surprisingly the use of the brooch was such an influence that it also made it into the men’s A/W 17 shows.

Circle and Spheres

The hoop earring has never been just a trend, hence why it has never gone out of fashion.  You are guaranteed to have already several hoops in your jewellery box already.  They are so versatile, whether it classy and elegant or daring and sexy, suitable for any occasion.  It was noticeable on the runway more so than Alexander McQueen who used various shapes and charms to give them their own charm and character.  Rule of thumb for us, the bigger the better.


It’s true the phrase; jewellery can be a girl’s best friend. Jewellery is so versatile, and that is the beauty of it. As you can see from the collection above you don’t need to spend a fortune to follow the trends. Explore all the brands and designers My Healthcare Rewards have and we are sure that you will find your own treasure.

What are your thoughts on the A/W17 trends, is there any that catch your eye?

Cx. for My Healthcare Rewards