Denim Jeans – The Holy Grail of Your Wardrobe!

Do you find yourself grabbing your jeans as your go-to piece of clothing? Us too. So if that’s the case, why does shopping for this wardrobe staple often leave us with more anxiety than checking your bank account before payday!?

Jeans are so versatile.  Dress them up or dress them down, they look good whatever the occasion.  We all have that favourite pair of jeans and God forbid that something happens to them or you change your style!

The thought of replacing a pair of jeans is unimaginable but, sadly, inevitable.  So to help you with your next jeans purchase, we are here give some advice and take the sting out of hunting for your perfect pair. You’re very welcome!

Firstly, plain and simple, we need to try on lots of pairs of jeans (and by lots, we mean all shapes, styles and sizes, no matter how frustrated your shopping companion gets) for fit, comfort, look and feel-good factor.  It’s important to try different cuts, washes and brands as not all manufacturers construct their jeans in the same way.  We have all fallen victim to trying on different brands in the exact same sizes, to find that one fits perfectly and the other doesn’t even get past your leg – what is that all about!?

Jeans, above all else, need to be comfortable.  Fashion designers do occasionally use this adjective, regardless of what you’ve heard on Project Runway.  You don’t want to have too tight a jean that gives you the horrific and unforgiving ‘overhang’ look.  If the denim doesn’t fit or match your body shape, then it just won’t be comfortable. However, in saying this, there are some exceptions, some jeans need to be ‘broken into’ in order to fit your body.

There are two labels to look out for when shopping for jeans – washed denim and raw denim. Some jeans have a pre-washed or distress look, basically meaning that there will be less of a stretch, a change in structure and break-in process.  Raw denim, on the other hand, can take months to mould to suit your body shape.  Although time-consuming, perseverance is key as you will be rewarded with a pair of jeans that fits like a glove.

When shopping for jeans, do you normally stay in your comfort zone and go for your normal fits, washes or brands?  If so, why not change your style and check out some of the latest trends hitting the denim world? Choosing a new style can be a daunting process but one that can be rewarding.

You can already see the influence the Autumn/Winter 2017 catwalk trends are having on the fashion world.  Admittedly, some fashion might look a bit over the top.  However, remember that there is something out there for everyone.  That’s the joy of fashion!  Besides, what’s wrong with trying on a new pair of jeans in the changing room? You might be surprised…

To start, one of the main influences to hit the catwalk is the use of fringes/frayed bottoms.  Whether you go for the understated look or full-on, long fringed bottom, you will never go wrong.

We also predict that you will see a lot of embroidery hitting the High Street soon.  Embroidery – yes, you heard us correctly! This style has been around for most of the summer and has no indication of leaving.  You might have seen some people already rocking this trend.  Don’t worry if you think you’re not ‘hip’ enough to pull this off as there is an embroidery style for everyone. Whether it’s the smallest to the largest detail, you will always be on point.  You will be following designers such as Stella McCartney and Tory Burch Jeans who have all made this style their own. A huge benefit with embroidery is that the rest of your outfit can be kept simple and minimalistic, if the detail is all in the pants.

Another but more subtle trend is to try a two-toned look.  To achieve this, simply put two denim washes in one – a nice and easy way to step up your denim game.  The two-toned look appears effortless and stylish with even a plain top and leather jacket.

Lastly, and our favourite, are jeans with uneven hems.  With these jeans, you don’t need to think about it – just go with it! They are the perfect fit if you want to show off that killer shoe you have wanted everyone to notice.  The staggered and uneven edge will also draw attention to the foot, so make sure those nails are painted!

We would love to see pictures of you dressed in your latest denim finds.  Vintage or new, casual or dressy, please tag #MyHealthcareRewards in your pictures and post on our social media pages.

Happy Shopping!

Cx. for My Healthcare Rewards