A New Wave of Healthcare Rewards

We are extremely excited to welcome you all to My Healthcare Rewards!

My Healthcare Rewards brings you access to a carefully curated list of brands and designers that we promise will not disappoint and will soon be your shopping favourites.

Our highly anticipated webpage provides discounts to stand out, premium products, defined through trend and quality.  We will search for the best of independent brands and designers, who want to support worldwide healthcare workers and give you the most luxurious and exclusive deals. My Healthcare Rewards is a huge thank you to members of the healthcare community for the amazing jobs they do, day in and day out, and dedication to public service.

You saw it here first – the combination of luxury and exclusivity mixed with healthcare.  We are the ultimate indulgence in healthcare rewards and everyone deserves to be spoiled!  High street retail chains have been done – we believe the new wave of fashion and design is dedicated to independent brands and creatives.

The majority of brands and designers we showcase will offer continuous benefits for our members.  Forget about the one-off deals and gift vouchers so readily used in other pages – these rewards are exclusive to our community and can be accessed at anytime.

We hope that you enjoy My Healthcare Rewards and keep us company on our journey. Please don’t keep us a secret and share us with all of your healthcare friends and colleagues.  The more exposure we get, the more brands and designers will want to join and the more treats we can provide to our members!

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My Healthcare Rewards Team